Custom Suits

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Custom Suits

Custom Suits | Juliet's Pocket Squares - Memphis, TN

Custom suits are often seen as a privilege of the rich and famous. But every man should have that exquisite high-quality suit that sets him apart during a special occasion or business event. But quite often, a professional, local tailor can custom fit a suit to your needs for no more than a quality suit would cost, without the further need for alterations when you get it home.

If you have a distinctive body type, having custom suits fit to your exact measurements will save you time and money. With a custom suit, tall men don’t have to worry about short pants or sleeves that make the suit uncomfortable. For men who may carry a little extra weight, a custom-fit suit could help you look thinner, and it will eliminate the bulk of extra fabric that ready-made suits need to adapt for many different sizing issues.

When you decide to make the plunge and buy a custom made suit, you’ll want to consider these things:

• Know what you like. Wear a suit that you feel comfortable in when you visit the tailor so that you can point out features that make you feel good.
• Be sure to know what your budget is. You’re the boss.
• Go with classic colors, navy, charcoal, black and think in terms of classic styles so that you can wear it for years.
• 100% wool is a good choice for a three-season suit, but be sure to consider the climate where you’ll be wearing it.
• You want to be able to be active in the suit’s jacket. It should lay flat without puckers across your back, but you should also be able to hug someone when you’re wearing it without worrying about the back seam popping open.

Juliet’s Pocket Squares has a tailor with the experience to design custom suits, slacks, blazers, and shirts. Let us custom design a suit to your specifications.