Bow Ties

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Bow Ties

Bow Ties | Juliet's Pocket Squares - Memphis, TN

Men’s bow ties are very popular accessories that combine sophistication and an Old World Style element. A colorful bow tie can add panache and make you stand out. Or pick a color that coordinates with your shirt for less bold, more refined look.

Bow ties are the perfect touch for a wedding, cocktail party, or just a night on the town. Black tie events require the use of a bow tie, but many professions have long been associated with bow ties, probably the most notable - a pediatrician, who wore one for the practical purpose that a child could not grab it, and was as easy as a neck tie. Classical pianists often wear a bow tie.

Bow ties are making a comeback in popular culture. Bill Nye, the science guy wears one, as does the eleventh doctor in the popular British hit, Doctor Who. Your favorite actor has probably rocked one on the red carpet. But bow ties aren’t just for black tie events anymore.

Ignore the pre-tied and clip-on versions. Choose a self-tied tie. If you have the sensibility to wear a bow tie, have the confidence to tie it yourself. If you can tie a shoe, you can tie a bow tie. With a little practice, it will look sharp in no time. Pair it with a matching pocket square, and you have a look that is unique. You won’t be soon forgotten.

Juliet’s Pocket Squares offer bow ties and pocket squares in a variety of styles and colors. Although we’re located in the Memphis area, you can also shop on our website or make a special request for a particular color or print. This is extremely valuable when matching bow ties for groomsmen.

Unlike a neck tie, bow ties should stayed tied until you’re ready to take it off. To keep it from looking clownish, it should not be any wider than your collar. When you wear a bow tie, you’ll stand out with a refined flare and people will remember you.

Be the first in your office to sport a distinctive look. Order a bow tie and pocket square from Juliet’s Pocket Squares, and let people notice you.