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Update your wardrobe with bow ties, neck ties, and pocket squares from Juliet’s Pocket Squares.

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Custom Suits | Juliet's Pocket Squares

Custom suits are often seen as a privilege of the rich and famous. But every man should have that exquisite high-quality suit that sets him...

Bow Ties | Juliet's Pocket Squares

Men’s bow ties are very popular accessories that combine sophistication and an Old World Style element. A colorful bow tie can add panache ...

Alterations | Juliet's Pocket Squares

To look your best in your clothes, they should fit. But when you purchase clothes off the rack, they aren’t always designed with your particular body...

Look your best in a custom made suit by a professional tailor at Juliet’s Pocket Squares.

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Quality Work

Juliet’s Pocket Squares provides many different tailoring services for your clothing needs. You can look your best when your clothing fits you. If you don’t have the sewing skills to fix your wardrobe, bring it to a professional tailor and let us do the work.

Men’s suit have few options for accessories. We have the ideal solution. You can add a splash of color and panache to a classic suit with a bow tie, neck tie, and/or pocket square. Coordinate with custom cuff links to match. Juliet’s Pocket Squares has unique designs and patterns for all occasions, from weddings to business, to a special night on the town.

Our professional tailor will work with you to make a custom suit, blazer, pants, or shirt, exquisitely tailored to your specifications. You will look your best for any occasion with a made-to-order suit. Or, take an out-of-style suit that’s in good condition and have us reconstruct it to a more fashionable style.

Juliet’s Pocket Squares offers discounts for first time buyers, free shipping for orders over $200, and personal service. In the Memphis area, we’re your premier tailor. Let us update your wardrobe so you look your best.